Covid-19 Support To The Community

Lunar Dive Resort Cares About The Community

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Helping others in this time of need comes from the heart. As a family business, we aim to do what we can to help others in need.



Dear Ocean Lovers,

We are happy to make the following announcements regarding the reopening of our resort and activities on July 20th, 2020.

  1. We follow Balinese law and government directives and update our policies based on changes as they develop.
  2. As well as the usual sunblock and hat, we encourage you to bring your own mask or buff (a buff also doubles as essential sun protection & windbreaker), hand sanitizer, water bottle, and pen.
  3. Everyone is required to wash their hands and have their temperature checked upon entry to the resort.

At Lunar Dive Resort, we aim to minimize hygiene/safety risks by doing the following:

–  we apply strict hygiene measures – cleaning all facilities and providing hand sanitizer or soap during all of our activities.

–  we do twice-daily temperature checks of staff and customers.

–  our staff follow recommended safety measures, including wearing masks, keeping social distancing, and regularly using hand sanitizer.

–  we follow a very strict protocol to rinse and disinfect all diving equipment used by our customers and staff.

–  we apply social distancing by minimizing the groups of people in all activities.

–  we optimize safety and health during diving activities by reducing limits such as depth, and decompression time, and providing Nitrox when certification is provided.

To decrease health and hygiene risks for everyone, we kindly ask our customers to adhere to the following rules:


  • Follow the safety rules provided by the company during all activities.
  • Use a face mask on land during all our activities.
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided during all activities and wash your hands frequently.
  • Follow the dive profile restrictions to minimize the risk of health issues.

Please understand that all these measures are applied to ensure the safety and health of all persons involved in our activities.

We are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of every person that stays and dives with us, but … please keep our location in mind! If there are any supplies that you feel would ease your mind during these times, please do not hesitate to bring them with you, as we have limited access to many things that you may take for granted!